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We can find a plan and service to suit your needs!

Our goal is to find the program that will work the best for each of our client's individual needs. This is why having your own personal health coach is so important. We are helping you reach your goals by walking with you each step of your journey.

It is just one of the many ways we assist you and your employees in finding their version of health. Because, it's different for each person. Read more about each of our services below. 




  • Optimal Weight Plan
  • Diabetes Plan
  • Seniors Plan
  • Teen Boy/Girls Plan
  • Nursing Mothers Plan
  • Vegetarian Plan


  • Personal Education Coach
  • Educational System
  • Healthy Online Community
  • Healthy Meals

What makes Zion's programs special?

One of the biggest differences with our program is every client gets their very own personal health coach. Your coach is here to help guide you to the success level that you want to achieve. No matter what is going on in your life, you have someone to walk with you. Studies show that having this level of support is key to assisting you to stay focused and motivated. Our coaches will guide you through the ways to make healthy habits daily and noticing the triggers in your life that can pull you off course. Your coach can't wait to celebrate all the victories along the way of your journey and help you stay focused on your "why". We as coaches cannot do this for you, but we can guide you and walk right beside you as you strive to reach our goals.

Employee Engagement

Educational is the foundation

What sets our program apart from all of the others in the market today is our unsurpassed educational system. Any "weight loss" program can help you lose weight, but getting healthy and keeping it off for life, is a totally different task. The most important goal of our program is teaching you how to sustain this lifelong change. All the tools are here and we support you as you navigate through this process of change.

Food & Real Life

Having a program that is easy to follow is key to help our clients succeed. In our busy busy lives, with all the pressures of life, work, raising a family and serving our community simplicity was a priority. Our meals are either ready to eat or can be prepared in minutes. We have more than 60 nutritional, scientifically designed meals that will assist your body to enter a gentle fat burning stated. With high protein, probiotic cultures and key vitamins and minerals that our bodies need in each meal. Our programs have been developed by physicians, dietitians and scientists and used to help more than 1 million clients. Our programs have been recommended for over 30 years by health care providers to their patients. By eating every 2-3 hours we also learn the healthy habit of preparing a healthy meal for yourself and your family. Your journey has the ability to impact your entire family to learn healthy habits for themselves.

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Ray Smith - HR Leader and Independent Consultant

"There is no greater gift you can give employees than the gift of wellness. I have rarely met a better champion for wellness than the CEO of Zion, Christie Henry. Zion can assist employees in reaching their wellness goals but more importantly it will teach them healthy behaviors. The change in behavior is the key to any successful wellness program; with the change in behavior companies will have healthier employees which can ultimately lead to lowering insurance claims and costs. The HR world knows unhealthy behaviors lead to health risks, which lead to chronic diseases, which lead to health care costs, but a good wellness program can assist in teaching employees better ways to live. Christie is the type of leader who leads by example and inspires others. When looking for a true wellness partner I would recommend aligning with Zion and let them lead employees to the path of a healthier lifestyle." 



The Zion Community

Being a part of a community, in any area of our lives, brings support beyond measure. We as humans, need community. Finding others that understand what you are going through, because they are going through the exact situation, can be the difference in success and failure. Support can be found in our community, but you have to be open to receive it. Support is offered through client support groups, recorded and live webinars, online 24/7 support, nutrition and many more. While you are transforming your life, you will be inspiring others to know it can be done.

Ready to start your journey?

Creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle is our specialty. Let us walk alongside of you on this adventure!

Let Us Start Your New You Today!

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Our sherpas are all independent OPTAvia health coaches. We offer  coaching services using our proven programs for preventative care of your employees. We have found that our strategies can lead to increased productivity and improve attendance. Zion Risk Solutions crafts personalized wellness care solutions for each individual employee. 

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Any and all coaches that represent Zion Risk Solutions are independent OPTAvia health coaches. OPTAVIA is in partnership with The MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education (C.O.P.E.) in the M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing at Villanova University.

We recommend that you contact your healthcare provider before starting and throughout your weight loss journey.
In a clinical study, the group on the program we utilize lost 10x more weight than the self-directed group. The average weight loss on our program is 12 pounds.

Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.